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Saturday, October 08, 2005

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The African Adventure


Welcome back everybody. Since Donkey OLLIE and his brothers have returned from the Coliseum in Rome having been rescued by Jehu , Prince Ramses and Alondra they been busy helping to turn a big part of Farmer John’s grazing area into a retirement recreation area for all the retired farm animals in their area.

Donkey Ollie tips over the basket of stones onto the ground he looks over to his brother Jeremy


Hey Jeremy, I’m going over to the brook to get a drink want to come along


No you just go ahead I’m going to gather more stones over for this last section. Isa and Esau have been playing a little too much and we’ve fallen behind.


DONKEY OLLIE walks down to the creek bed
There are four very pretty female donkeys drinking leisurely from the brook


You all don’t mind if I join you for a drink do you.


No of course not help yourself.

Hi I’m OLLIE are you all new around here.


NO not that new we all moved in while you were away. I’m Ruthy we all
Work for Isaac and we helped their whole family move here from Jerusalem. Isaac is a very important many he is a Levite and served for many years in the temple


I’m Donkey Ollie


My name is Libby


I’m Dorca


I’m Ebo.

Donkey OLLIE

Ebo that a pretty funny sounding name?


Well it may sound pretty funny but at least I’ve got some color in my fur you look like abig shaved lamb.

(Frowns at Ebo’s rude comment.)

That was uncalled for Ebo.


Well I assure you I’m a donkey just like you certainly not a lamb.

(He finishes up his drink of water sneeking another glance at RUTHY.)

You all have a good afternoon.(He winks at RUTHY) Maybe I’ll see you later


Well you come back anytime. We come down here every afternoon for drinks.

As OLLIE leaves EBO squirts water at RUTHY


Why you’re sweet on him little sister. But your fur’s much too dark for him
Why if you ever married him think of what funny little foals you’d have people would probably think they were zebras.


Well they’d be awful cute little zebras. I sure wouldn’t mind getting married to someone as nice as him. You didn’t even ruffle his fur when you were mean to him.

I could marry a big Brown Donkey
With no kindness at all
And I’m sure I’d be so sorry
Even though he’d be so tall

Id much rather find a mate that’s sweet
Than just one quick on his feet
Id much rather find a mate that‘s nice
Than one with a heart of ice.

I could marry someone like OLLIE
With a heart made of pure gold
Maybe my dreams will come true
Only God will know for sure.


That week the donkeys worked hard and helped Farmer John, Abner, Jehu and the rest of the crew bringing down stones to finish the wall for the animal retirement pasture

Right before Sabbath OLLIE decided to go back down to the brook to see if he could spend time with RUTHY . She had caught his eye.

He was surprised not to see here there.


(looking down)

Why these look like her hoof prints but I wonder what made her wander off so.
It’s getting late I’d better see if I can find her. She doesn’t know how dangerous it can be out here.


(is caught in a bramble bush)

Oh it’s no use. I’ll never find my way back. I shouldn’t have gone off alone exploring. Oh Oh (She pulls her legs out of the bush.) These thorns are hurting me.

Can anyone hear me. Help I’m lost.

Overhead Shot a wily mountain lion is watching her progress. He stealthily sneaks down the narrow canyon path to get a perch above her.


(reacts to her baying) That sound’s like her. She must have gotten herself lost.

Wait right there. It’s getting dark and I can’t see very good.

POV OLLIE can see the silhouette of the mountain lion perched overhead.

RUTHY RUTHY Come towards me. You’re being stalked get away from the canyon Wall into the riverbed quick.


I’m stuck these thorns hurt.. Its too hard to get loose. I should have never wandered off without telling anyone where I was going.

OLLIE (launches himself with all his might to the path right besides RUTHY placing himself in between her and the mountain lion who has pounced at the same time.)

OLLIE (Pushes her out of the brambles with his snout)

Jump RUTHY Jump. I’ll handle this fellow

RUTHY jumps from the path down into the stream and the mountain lion chases OLLIE.; He rolls on his back and meets the full force of the attack with his hooves in the air . He launches the lion into the air and it lands with a thud and is knocked unconscious. RUTHY walks up from the stream and sees OLLIE standing over the stunned mountain lion.


Is he dead?


No just stunned. Hopefully he won’t hurt anybody else for a long long time.
Are you OK.


Just a little scared that’s all. You are the bravest donkey I’ve ever met. If you hadn’t come along….I would have been really hurt that lion had sharp teeth.


Don’t look at me
My strength is in the Lord
My power comes from God on high
His word has been my sword

Don’t look at me
My wisdom’s not my own
When I’m confused without a plan
He guides me through the storm

He the waymaker
For the journey he’s the path
The gatekeeper
The whole world is in his hand
The shepherd of my soul
Guardian of my fate
Alpha and Omega
Jesus Christ shows me the way

Don’t look at me
I’m no so different from the rest
I’m only standing where I am
He’s helped me pass each test

Don’t look at me
Beyond the stars you’ll find the proof
God’s alive and satisfies
Our need to find the truth.


Thanks Ollie that was nice. Still I’ll always be indebted to you for saving my life.


Come on Ruthy it was nothing. When he jumped I just rolled over and used my hoofs to kick him. Look the moon’s out come-on I’ll help you get back to your farm.


Later a very tired OLLIE comes into the stall and plops down.


Well there you are. It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for you all night.
What took you so long the other’s have been back over two hours.


Oh hi Rupert. I’m sorry I’m late.


Did you forget.


Forget what


Forget what ? Can’t you donkeys remember anything. Our trip to visit Muwanna Hannibal and Theolonius. You said after you helped Farmer John with the wall we’d be taking off. Well as far as I can see it’s almost done. I’m getting restless around here. I’m ready for another adventure


Adventure. I ‘m not so sure


Ollie not so sure. You just can’t expect me to fly off by myself to Africa Who knows I might get eaten by a vulture


Rupert They only eat things that are dead They’d have no trouble telling that your alive. It’s something else


Something else tell me. Or do I have to burst my feather’s here waiting to hear about it.


I met someone. You know someone special and you know Jehu has Allondra Elizabeth has Abner and I thought….


Well settle down Ollie. There’s places to go, things to do you can’t go getting yourself hitched

What about me
What will happen to me
If you go and get yourself married
What will happen to me

You know what they all say
Two is company three’s a crowd
What will happen to our friendship
When your hearts up on a cloud


Don’t worry about our friendship
I’ got a place for you in my heart
But something happened to me
When I looked into her eyes

They were blue like the water
They made my knees so weak
I found myself at loss for words
I couldn’t hardly speak
I think Im going to get married
I think I’ve found my mate
I can’t say how I know for sure
But I’m sure it’s more than fate.


Do you think you can keep it a secret.


A secret sure you can count on me I won’t tell a soul


Good. It’s going to take me sometime to find the right words.

Rupert flies off.

He spots Ollie brothers down by the water.


Isa, Esau, Jeremy. Have you heard the news?


What news. We never get any news here.


The secret. Ollie’s getting married

The secret isn’t that something you’re not supposed to share.


I thought a secret was something that was real important


Yea it’s important to the person who doesn’t want you to share it.


I know who he’s sweet on that little donkey who lives on Isaacs farm.


Yep, Hey you guys got to help me spread the secret.


Sure we’ll help you spread it.Imagine that Ollie getting married and I thought for sure I’d be getting married. I’m much more handsome than Ollie


I’m much stronger than Ollie I’ve got a great idea. There three more sisters right


Yea there’s four all together why?


Why don’t we ask the other three to marry us too. That way we’ll all have a secret.

Why not if Ollie can get married we can get married too.

ISA jumps in the air clicking his heels. I’m a gonna be a dad.


Your not going to be a dad your going to be a husband and then maybe later a dad.


What ever. It’s all good.

Ruthy, Ebo, Dorca and Libby all wander down to the stream. They look up and they see ISA ESAU and JEREMY staring over at them.


I don’t see your little white donkey Ollie.


No but that brother of his over there is sure cute


I hope your not looking at the same one I’m a looking at.


They’re all cute.


Something tells me he’ll be along shortly.

Ruthy leaves them all and wanders over to a pool besides the stream where she gets in and rolls in the water.


Hi Ruthy.

He surprises her and water is dripping down her face and mane. She is not too thrilled to be caught not looking her best.

(Shakes the water off and gets out.)

I was just cooling myself off. I thought you’d be along.


How’d you’d know that.


Call it intuition anyway. Thanks again for saving my hide from that mountain lion. It would have been a dreadful way to go.


Well I was wondering if you’d like to share a stall with me.


A stall. Well. I have a stall of my own at Isaacs it quite nice…


I guess the words are not coming out right. Ever since I saw you I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. I am really hoping that you’d marry me.

Ollie picks up a small bouquet of flowers and drops them at her feet.


Marry you.

She runs around in a circle

Marry you

Marry you
There is nothing that I’d rather do.

Marry you
Marry you
I will

i could wish upon a star
For someone to share my heart
And if you want me for your wife
I will take my heart’s advice

I’ll marry you
Marry you
Marry you forever

Marry you
Marry you
We will be together.

In pastures green and warm
We’ll walk our heads together
At night we’ll both be warm
No matter what the weather.

Marry you

Marry you

Marry you I will

She dances off leaving Ollie rather stunned.


Hey Ollie I couldn’t help overhearing let me be the first to give my congratulations. I’m gonna get word to Paul and Timothy. This is going to be a real party. Hey your not the only one getting hitched.


No what do you mean


Your brother are want to marry Ruthy;s sisters Four brides for four brothers its gonna be a hoot.


How’d they find out my secret.


As he flies off)

I told them silly and now they’re telling everyone Gotta go share your secret some more.


Jehus is washing Ollie next to a big tub of water.

Holds still Ollie I’ve got to get that lavender soap out of your eyes or it’s gonna look like you were crying.


Ouch that soap really hurts. Do I really need to be that clean can’t I go Au natural.


It’ll make lyou smell good so Stop being a baby. (Throws the rest of the water over him) There that should do it. I’ll get Elizabeth to give you a nice brushing.


I wish my friend Jesus were here if he could see me know I know he’d be proud


I am sure he is proud of you anyway he is here with us in Spirit and Paul’s coming Rupert must have gotten work to him Two years he has been away in Corinth


I heard you talking about me. I hope you’ve got some sesame seed snacks for the guests.


Alondra has cooked up a royal feast. Let me assure you.


Good Smoothfeather is bring a lot of friends and you know how much seagulls like to eat. The only time they stop eating is when they breathe. By the way are you coming on the honeymoon with us?


Us who’s us?. The honeymoons supposed to be for the bride and the bridegroom who is us.


I’m the best man. I’m going too. I already asked Ruthy she doesn’t mind if I go to Africa with them


Africa Alondra would have my head if I left for Africa you are keeping your Promise to Hannibal and Theopolis aren’t you.


Yea, it’s important when you give your word to keep your word.

Plus why would I want to be away from my friends.

Away from all your friends
Sharing great adventures
Is where it all begins
Chasing rainbows
Falling stars uncovering ancient lore
We’re on our way to Africa
A continent to explore


I sure wish I could go too, but with the new little ones they need someone to look after them.


Hold still Ollie, This is going to be a special day for you I want to make sure you look your best. So let me get everything untangled.


Why is it so painful to look your best


Nothing worthwhile is easy Ollie you know that.


For everything
There’s a price to pay

There’s a price to pay for sure

To be your best
There’s a price to pay
If you want your heart to sour

The path it grows so narrow
As you reach the highest ground
You’ll find just what your made of



The wedding feast had been laid out for all the guest. The children Ollie had helped saved from Egypt came with their families the disciples of Christ who were still in Jerusalem came with their families. From near and far they came to see the marriage of Donkey Ollie and Ruthy.

The barnyard is decorated with a wedding tent and flowers in pots everywhere.
Donkey Ruthy walks through the midst of people accompanied by her master Isaac and followed by her three sisters a garland of roses around her neck. In front of the crowd Paul stands with his hands in the air to quite the wild cheering of the guests.


Let us welcome the bride and groom. This day let us celebrate the lifetime union of my beloved friend Donkey Ollie and Ruthie. This day also ISA and Ebo, Esau and Libby and Jeremy and Dorca will be joining their hearts.

The camera pans as all the donkey couples nuzzle together.

As the music starts they begin to dance together

It’s a donkey donkey wedding
Everybody get down
A donkey Donkey wedding
Come on now gather around

They waited for the right time
To walk the same path
They’ll be stronger together
They will make it last

Cause it’s a donkey donkey wedding
Everybody get down
A donkey donkey wedding
Swing your tail party on.

Take good care of each other
Don’t go break no hearts
Talk nice and be polite
Remember put God’s love first


The music and singing continue until late that night and Rupert announces to the crowd and toast for the bride and groom



Everyone I have a very important announcement. I would like to propose a toast to my best friend in the whole wide world DONKEY OLLIE and Ruthy and also to his brothers and their wives Isa and Ebo Esau and Libby and Jeremy and Dorca.

Hip Hip hooray
Today is there day.
What else can I say

But hip hip hooray.

Hip hip hooray
Love’s better than hay
Come join the party
Hip hip hooray

The crowd is anxious to hear the words spoken by Donkey Ollie


Thanks Rupert. I f it wasn’t for you helping me all the times you did. I wouldn’t be here today. You know everybody God brings all kinds of people together. He wants us to make friends from all walks of life
I guess I never quite though that someday my best friend would be a raven but Iam thankful. And I am doubly lucky because Ruthy loves him too. I guess you have all heard the rumors that we are going to Africa on our honeymoon well that is true and we are leaving tomorrow we need to cross the Nile before it is too flooded to cross. So please stay finish all this delicious food prepared by Farmer John’s farm and Alondra and Elizabeth. We are going to bed early.


How about you Smoothfeather. Are you gonna go to Africa with us


I’m strictly a fish eater do they have lakes and river and fish


Africa has got everything it’s one the the biggest continents in the world the very cradle of civilization.. I am sure they will have lots of fish. I’m bringing a bunch of sesame seeds with me.


Well OK then I’ll go.

NARRATOR the next day Donkey Ollie outfitted with provision for his traveling group got up early to leave for Africa. They were planning on stopping to see Hannibal nad Theolonius first.


Ollie and Ruthy smiles as they pass the throng of well wishers. Everyone is kissing the.


(Visually older with grey hair)

We’ll Ollie remember God will use anyone with a pure heart.

Stop to pay her homage.

Thanks Aunt Alana I will remember. Well prya for us it’s not going to be an easy journey


Yea, We don’t even know where we are going to stop for sesame seeds.


Ollie sorry I won’t be going with you this trip your on your own…. Well not really.


I’ve learned a lot from you Jehu I am sure we’ll be fine We did give our word to go and visit our friends

OLLIE’s Song

It’s gonna be a long long road
I’m gonna have to bear my load
But if my feet get tired and weary
I know I’ll be Ok

It’s gonna be a risky trip
Troubles will come so swift
But if I keep on looking forward
It’s gonna be OK

Cause there’s a rainbow before me
And there are stars in the sky
And if I lose my way
All I got to do is cry

There a God above me
Who will help me out
No matter what the problem
\ It will be alright

It’s gonna be a long hot trip
Sandstorms and a lot of grit
But if we all stay to together
We’lll come out strong

It’s gonna be a rocky road
Though places that are quite unknown
The stars will guide
There always there

Cause there’s a rainbow before me
And there are stars in the sky
And if I lose my way
All I got to do is cry

There a God above me
Who will help me out
No matter what the problem
\ It will be alright

Several days pass as the small group goes through sandstorm rocky mountains
And travels both day and night until they look down on a fertile valley and a body of water.


That must be the Red Sea where Moses crossed


Oh Rupert you are so smart you know everything


Now Hold on. How do you know we want to cross here.


This is the only place to cross
I went down further south and it’s even wider Beside there is a barge surely we can get the man to take us across.


We’ll I’ll go and make a deal


What kind of a deal?


Well Smoothfeather and I can fly but you two your gonna need a ride
There’s alligators and they have big teeth.


How big??/


Really big and sharp. Don’t worry though the river man will take us across


OLLIE RUTHY SMOOTHFEATHER AND RUPERT are standing in front of a rough river pilot.

Their sacks are sitting on the ground in front of the River pilot


There’s not much here these barges are expensive to operate. I just can’t work for free. Is this all you have.


You’ve got to leave us something. How are we going to eat.


Look if you want to swim go ahead. But this grain is barely enough to earn yous passage across. Things are expensive here in Africa you can’t expect to travel the world for free.


Look Ollie he’s got us over a barrel He knows there’s no other way across we’ve got to take his deal.


Take my deal
Little friends
Or you’ll swim with the fish
And the Croc’s will surely get you
In the end

Take a rest
Don’t complain
There will surely be no pain
If you ride across the sea
With your friend

I’m the best
That there is
Far underpaid for my skills
But I always get my money
For the fare

This barge is so safe
Even hippos clear the way
You’ll be there before you know it
With your friends


There are a lot of trees and vines it is somewhat jungly.


Well you are here(He laughs) Thank you so much for the grain. I am sure you will find plenty of food. I caution you though. Beware of the baboons.

REACTION SHOT: Everyone looks at each other puzzled.


(To RUTHY) What do you suppose he meant beware of the baboons.


I don’t know I’ve never met a baboon.

In the background you can hear howler monkeys.


Let’s see if we can get out of this jungle before night or we’ll have to wory about more than baboon.s


A Strange looking King is riding on HANNIBAL a huge elephant. They have a carried on top.

A CLOSER LOOK REVEALS there are chains on his legs

IN BACK of the king are baboons all dressed in little vests several are carrying nets and prodding hooks.

A smaller Elephant is pulling several cages full of monkeys and one with a tiger in it.



Move it quickly we need to get these animals back to the castle before nightfall.
Get those animals in the cages


SEVERAL BABOONS wrestle a huge black jaguar into the cat cage he snarls at the leopard walks around and settles down.

MUMUMU the smaller elephant comes up alongside HANNIBAL and they wait the animals being loaded in the cages behind them


I don’t like these wild animals Hannibal


No one would little buddy. But I wont let anything happen to you.


It’s impossible to escape they have us a chained and the baboons never let us out of their sight. We should have never gone looking for Theopolis.


Yea we promised though to all get together. It may seem like a mistake now but it is never wrong to try to keep your promises.
Besides, We’ve been in tough situations before little buddy but things will work out for us, We have friends and they’ll come looking for us.


You mean Ollie Rupert and Smoothfeather. We haven’t seen them in months.
They probably don’t even know we’re here.


They’ll find out I’m sure.

On the way back through the jungle


Rescue me
When you see me cry
And my heart has died
Rescue me

Rescue me
Our legs are chained
We can’t escape the pain
Rescue me

Rescue me
When the path is hard
And I can’t go on
Rescue me

Rescue me
From these big baboons
With their big big teeth
Rescue Me.

Rescue me
From this evil throne
And his heart of stone
Rescue me



The procession makes it way across.

Overhead vultures fly.

HANNIBAL (Speak to Mumumu)

Don’t you worry a bit little brother. God will find a way to bring us out of here.


I Sure hope so Uncle Hannibal.


OLLIE and RUTHY are struggling with thirst.


Are you OK RUTHY. I guess this isn’t the greatest honeymoon


We’ll get through Ollie. I’m confident.

RUPERT and Smoothfeather are flying overhead they both swoop down.


You two look pretty tired


Yea too bad you hadto be land creatures. It’s really beautiful up there.


Did you see any elephant herds or lion dens. I guess we should have made better plans on where to meet up with our friends


Just over those hills is a big savanna with a stream and lots and lots of
Herds There are elephants there.


Over those hills. (She indicates to some far off hills with her head0

That looks really far.


It’s not so far just think lots of water and grass zebras, gazelles elephants.


There’s gonna be cheetah and lions there too. We’re going to have to be real careful


We’ll keep a good lookout for you. Surely the elephants will know where
Hannibal is.

Group Song

We’re off to find our friends

We don’t know where they are

We try to ask around

We hope they aren’t too far

We’re off to the riverbed

Where danger lurks and more

We’ll keep a watchful eye

And keep our wits for sure

We were born

For adventure

We were born

For discovery

When our friends

Are in trouble

We can say

Depend on me

A cheetah in the grass

Is very hard to see

Unless your sitting high

Up in a Bambon tree.

A lioness with her cubs

Goes for the surprise

You’ve got to use your wits

You’ve got to use your eyes.




Hey Friend. Do you an elephant named Hannibal

Several other elephants look up

That guy doesn’t know anything. He can’t even hear you But me
I know Hannibal and his little nephew. Last time I talked to him he was
Heading up to the hills to look for the rest of the herb each week more and more of us are missing and he is trying to find out what happened. He’s headed through lion territory and no one wated to go with him. Can you blame us none of us here wanted anything to do with lions. Nothing personal but you got to watch who you hang out with some people are just dangerous.


I don’t blame you although some lions can be nice. If your friends with them.


Straight ahead we were hoping they’d be back.

We’ve been hanging out here a while waiting for them but we’re going to have to move on. If we don’t we’ll just strip all these trees bare and then they’ll be nothing for anyone to eat.


Which way do we go.


Just follow this river up to the hills That’s the way they went Once you get to the rocks be careful You never know what’s behind one.



(Riding on Ruthy’s back0

We should stop here Ollie. There’s water and grass and plenty of fish for me. It wont do any good walking anymore at night. We’re not going to be able to see anything


Are you tired Ruthy?


If you want me to keep going I will


Let’s just stop I’m tired too.

They all pulled to a stop in a densely jungle area. Around them they could hear the cries of the noctural animals and above their head Rupert watched as a giant snake curled around a branch. Ruthy fell asleep with her head on Ollie stomach as Ollie looked about with a watchful eye for danger.


The camera pans over head and reveals that they are only about a few hundred yards away from Hannibal and Mumumu

Camera flies in on Hannibal squirting Mumumu with water.


Come on little buddy drink up you don’t know when we will get to see water again.


I’m not even thirsty If we cant find the rest of the herd how will anyone find us if something happens


God will help us if we ask him and he’ll help so don’t worry lets just do our part and let him do his.

God Helps those
Who help themselves
And God helps those
Who cant

God likes it best
When we walk by faith
He doesn’t want us
To complain

God on the side
Of right not wrong
No matter what
the cause

He wants the world
To run just so
And not disobey
His laws

It’s a sunny day
And the Weather’s good
We’ll find our friend
Real Soon

It’s a sunny day
Yes I’m feeling good
Let’s forge ahead
Right Now

They continue their walk through the jungle singing and having a great time oblivious to the baboons dressed in little red vests and red caps who are lurking about around them,

As they approach a narrow passageway from the jungle to the higher ground the baboons jump down and tie MUMUMU up with nets and ropes.


Hannibal Hannibal, Help me.

Hannibal rushes up to help his but the baboons grab on his ears and start swinging and several wrap ropes and chains around his neck and trip him. They tie him and pin him to the ground like Gulliver in Lilliputian land.

Hannibal watches helplessly as the baboons lead off his nephew.


These ropes there’s too many of them. I can’t get up.

The sun sets with Hannibal tied up. In the background a pride of lions come up and sniff around Hannibal. There eyes are very bright.


I’d like to take a bite out of this one.

How about about you. (He addresses the female)


It hardly seems fair. I doesn’t even look like he can move

Lion three

Wonder what he’s doing so far from his herd. There’s been a lot of elephant traffic through here lately

Hannibal struggles to get the rope off from his mouth and trunk.


I’m looking for part of our herd they are missing. Theopolis the king He’s an old friend. You must know him he can vouch for me.


Theopolis. The king of the jungle.

How do you know him


We’re supposed to have a reunion all of us who were rescued from the Circus
Have you seen him he’d be awful upset if you started taking a few bites out of me

Besides look at how big I am how could you ever eat me.


Theopolis is off hunting with the rest of the pride.
He’ll never even know you were hear. When we dispose of the evidence


We’d start with a little bite of the ear
And move down to your trunk
And when we’d finished the tasty parts
We’d chomp on one of your stumps

You might be a big big fellow
But we’d eat you one bite at a time

So don’t get your hopes up fellow
For shortly you will die.

There’s a lot of you to go around
You’lll make quite a feast
I can hardly wait to take a bite
And tear you with my teeth.

On the small hill above them Theopolis a much superior looking lion appears

He lets out a roar


Leave him be

He pounces into the group of lions surrounding Hannibal and snarls at them all.

Back up back up get away
This elephant is a friends
He’s not your prey

B ack up back up back up

Just move away

Or you’ll tangle with my paws today.

All the lions sneak off and Theopolis starts pulling the ropes that bind Hannibal


It looks like I got here just in time

(struggles to push up the remaining ropes that have him bound)

I am afraid friend you are a little too late.

The baboons have got Mumumu. I don’t know where they are taking him


I know quite a few of the jungle creatures are missing

They are taking him to evil King Beri’s castle. It is just on the other side of the hill. But we will need more than you and I to rescue him. King Beri’s
Baboons are well trained and very vicious. You are lucky they left you alive


What does he do with the elephants


They do his dirty work

Most of them work underground digging out his gold and working in his salt mine

He grows richer and richer and barely feeds and gives them water.

If we don’t rescue Mumumu soon there may not be anything to rescue.


Then we are lucky Ollie and Rupert are all the way down. They will surely have a plan


That explains why you were looking for me.
Dreadful. This turn of events is simply dreadful


Ollie and Ruthy converge on a jungle path with Theopolis and Hannibal.

As Hannibal and Theopolis emerge from the jungle path …..



Ollie is walking along with Rupert swaying back and forth trying hard to fight off sleep but not having much success at it.


Ollie can you walk without swaying back and forth so much. I’m about
To fall off.


I’m getting tired. Think Ruthy’s getting tired too. Listen that sounds like Hannibal.

OFF CAMERA Hannibal lets out a huge blast with his trunk



It is. He’s here with Theopolis. Hey everybody I think today is
Theopolis’s birthday.

Let’s all surprise him.

Ollie Ruthy Smoothfeather and Rupert hide off the path

Just as Theopolis and Hannibal go by they all jump out.


Happy Birthday Theopolis.

Both Hannibal and Theopolis jump up when they land the other animals are bounced around by the moving ground


No that’s what I call a surprise.

Happy Birthday Theo
We’re glad to see you again

Happy Birth day everyone
Many more my friends

Happy Birth day to you.
We’re glad to see you alive

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Twenty Five

Theo reacts with a big big grin.

Aw shucks you guys came all the way down on my birthday from


That was some surprise.

He looks at Ruthy

I don’t think we’ve ever met.


I’m Ruthy Ollie’s wife. You don’t have to tell me who you are

I’ve heard all about you. Hannibal the great

“You’re Hannibal the great.
Greater than them all

Hannibal the great.
You won’t see him fall.


I’m Theopolis or Theo for short. Nice to meet you.


We met some of your heard at the river they said you went off with mumumu where is he.


It’s not good news Ollie We were ambushed by baboons they tied me down and
Took him away to work in the mines. We’ve lost over 50 from our herd they’ve been disappearing a few at a time.We were out looking for them.

OLLIE shakes his head in disgust


No baboons gonna make a monkey out of me. Let’s see if we can follow their tracks and find away to get them free.

RUPERT flies into the air.


Well baboons are like all of you land creatures and they sure couldn’t have gotten that far. Come on Smoothfeather We’ll be back in a hour it won’t take us long to find them


HUGE walls are wrapped around an open mine. ELEPHANTS carry heavy burdens and pulling stones are going up and down. The baboons are riding on donkeys. Here and there you can see scattered elephant skeletons and tusks.


They are pulling white dirt out of the earth.


That’s salt it’s very rare and very expensive Look a lot of elephants have died here. Hannibal isn’t going to like it one bit. I don’t see any humans at all just animals

In the distant you can hear beating drums Rupert looks and see a cloud of dust coming toward the gate around the mine.

Closer look reveals.

A large king with a big afro and fancy necklaces is sitting
On a big chair made of elephant tusks. The chair is suspended between poles and is bineg carried by 16 baboons running full speed 4 on each pole

In front of the small procession are running baboon drummers.


Make haste Make haste

The gates open and he goes into the mine.MUMUMU is standing there covered with sweat have just pulled a huge basket of rocks.


So our newest volunteer. How do you like the salt mines Elephant

MUMUMU can’t believe he is being spoken to.


You have created a world of misery for those whom you’ve been
instructed to care for. This is an elephant grave yard..


I have no instructions to care for anyone but myself and my baboons.
Watch your insolence or we shall have your food and water cut in half and your work doubled. This new shipment needs to be readied for we have
Merchants that have come from afar to trade


My uncle Hannibal will certainly rescue me.


All this talk about your brave uncle Hannibal.As I understand he couldn’t even keep you from being captured. They left him tied down in the jungle. He’s too old and weak to be of use to anyone.

You’d better get to work This new shipment is to be ready by tomorrow. (he reaches into a bag of salt and lets it runs out of his fist.)

Salt Salt Salt
Very precious salt.
Salt salt Salt
And worth so very much

Every grain and morsel
Every bag and load
Brings me so much money
I can’t wait to get me more

Salt salt Salt
Very precious salt
Salt salt Salt
Worth so very much

Without it food is tasteless
We need it to survive
That’s why it brings good prices
Salt keeps us alive

Salt Salt Salt
It’s music to my ears
Salt salt Salt

Don’t stop bring it up here.

The elephants and donkeys groan under the heavy loads of salt and King Beri is oblivious to their distress.

RUPERT whistles to Smoothfeather.


This is worse that I could have imagined. We’d better go tell Ollie.


You go on ahead. I am going to stay here and see if there is anything I can do


Hannibal, Theo, Ollie and Ruthy are soaked in moonlight watching the baboons march back and forth in front of the castle. As a host of merchant arrive on horseback and in carts.

Rupert and Smoothfeather land right next to them and surprise them


What took you land creatures so long. We saw Mumumu. He’s safe.


Safe how can he be safe they’ve got him captive.


How close were you able to get.


We snuck up pretty close that king is uglier than his
Baboons. He wasn’t nice to Mumumu either. They
Are working the donkeys and elephants to death.
We need to do something.


Is there a way we can reach them


They are wearing chains to prevent them from running

We saw where they keep all the animals but it is behind some really really big gates.

In the distance you can see huge gates.


What about it Hannibal could you get through those gates.


I don’t think they’d stop Hannibal but they are twice as tall. It took ten baboons just to open them


Hannibal Ollie said you were the strongest animal in the world Cou ld you ….could you do It


I don’t know After those baboons tied me up and nearly left me for dead I don’t feel that strong anymore. If Theo hadn’t come along I wouldn’t even be here.


But you are and even if you are not as strong as you were when you were younger. You’re a lot smarter think of how much you’ve learned besides. We’ll all be with you to help you and together


we can do it together.

Together we can do all things

Together we can tear down a mountain

Together we can tear down the gates.

Together we can stomp out this slavery

Together we can help our friends.

Together we can end this madness


we can Do it again.


There’s only one way to do this. Now listen because I have a plan.


Ollie is outside the gates and kicking at them. A door opens in the middle of the gate and a guard comes out.

He haw. He haw


Oh little fellow you must have been left in the mines. Well come in
We’ll get you some food and water. But if I were you little one I
Would have high tailed it out of here. You won’t last long in these
Salt mine.

The guard leads ollie through the small gates down a path to the large pen where all the donkeys and elephants and lying about.


Now in you go little fellow. Look like your chains are off
Well tomorrow be sure they will fit you with another pair.

As the guard is bending over Smoothfeather darts in and steal his ring of


Tarnation. Thieving gull . You come back here with my keys

At the entrance to the castle RUPERT works the pin out of the castle gate hinges. He pecks at them as if he is a woodpecker



OLLIE wastes no time in trying to find MUMUMU. SMOOTHFEATHER is riding on his back carrying the keys.


MUMUMU where are you.

OLLIE is stepping around a bunch of worn out donkeys

We’re getting you out of here.

The animals start murmuring.


Hey keep it down we need our rest.


If you’re looking for that new elephant He’s in the back of the pens
But be sure to watch where you step.

Ha ha ha.


Look tell everyone that wants to make a break for it. We’ll get their chains off of them


You mean any of us. Where will we go.


The donkeys can come with me and the Elephants can join Mumumu and Hannibal the Great


One by one the animals lined up and Smoothfeather deftly removed their chains. Ollie found Mumumu lying down covered with white salt.


MUMUMU get up We’re here were going to get you out.


I’m too sore to even walk. Where’s my uncle Hannibal.

MUMUMU struggled to his feet.


He’s going to tear down the gates and get everyone out of here.

Off screen you can here the pecking of RUPERTS beak against the hinges.

RUPERT is pounding the pins out and Hannibal is going to plow the gates down and then all of us are going to make a run for it.

Wake up all the other elephants Smoothfeather made off with the guards keys and is getting all the chains off.

TWENTY-FIVE elephants are rustling about next to about twenty donkeys.


HANNIBAL pushes at the gates which although are out of their hinge pins are still very heavy.


Push harder Hannibal just knock them over.


(Walks up and look up at Hannibal)

I know you can do it Hannibal Ollie told me
You were the greatest. Go for it.

HANNIBAL step back everybody, the gates are coming down.

Hannibal pushes and the gates creak. He buts the gates with his head and they creak and begin to wabble.


BANZAI. Watch out everybody.

The gates wobble and begin to fall backwards. Hannibal back pedals and the gate begins to head right on top of him

It falls right on top of him as Ruthy and Theo jump out of the way.

From the other side of the gate the animals begin to exit with Ollie in the lead.

He looks over and sees Hannibal lying injured on the ground. Part of the gate is on top of him and he is moaning


Hannibal, We’ve rescued Mumumu You’ve got to get up come on.

Theo looks over at Ollie.


The full weight of the gate fell on him Ollie He looks like he’s out cold


There was nothing anyone could do it wobbled and came right down on top of him


let’s push it off of him.

ALL THE ELEPHANTS PUSH the giant gate until Hannibal is left lying on his side blood streams from his skull MUMUMU walks up to him


That was the bravest thing I have ever seen Hannibal

HANNIBAL manages to open his eye.

HANNIBAL (Struggles to say one word)

I’m glad your safe little buddy. We did it. Look take care of the herd if I
Don’t make it…..


We’re not leaving anyone here. We’re going to load you onto one of those salt wagons and pull you back all the way if we have too.



(TO OLLIE) You go one ahead . The light is coming up and the King is sure to send his baboons after you.

I’ll hold them off until you get to the jungle then I’ll come and join you.

The caravan with the elephants the donkeys and Hannibal loaded on the salt cart disappears down the long road descending from the castle and the salt mines.

Exterior stalls daylight

King Beri walks through the stalls and sees the chains lying everywhere.


How can they be gone. Who opened their chains.

They were sleeping sounder than a baby hippo when I seen em last I swears your lordship
They must have plump vanished.

The King points to the gate.


I suppose you’ll be telling me that the gate it just fell over by itself. Get my trackers. the animals can’t have more than a few hours head start on us. If we don’t get them back we’ll be ruined


A low snarling emits from the cages as the Guard lets the baboons loose

They bound down the long passageway and file in before the king.

The king holds up the broken chains


Fetch me my pack donkeys and elephants. (He holds up bunches of bananas

Double bananas for the baboon who catches them first.

The baboons jump up in down in excitement.

They bound out of the broken gate and down the path.


Theo is waiting in the high grass next to the path. Ollie comes up on him.


(Jumps up) You surprised me. Why are you with the others.


I thought you’d need some help. I can fight as good as anyone. Remember.


Don’t remind me. Baboons don’t fight fair. They’ll try to gang up on you bring you down and go for your stomach. How much of a head start do the other’s have.


They’ve got a few hours till they reach the jungle. I’m sure by now they’ve discovered we were missing.


Ye, I am sure they have

RUPERT flies over.


I’m going to get more help. You fellows are going to outnumbered 10 to one.


Who are you going to find out here to help us.


Not out here up there. There’s some pretty big birds up in those hills and they are going to help us out. Look I cant waste time talking to you. Just hold them off till I arrive with the reinforcements.

We’ll hold them off alright.


The Baboons are running full speed bounding down the rocky path. Snarling and hopping over one as if they are playing leap frog.

They hop- and hop and hop

the excitement is building as the shot zooms in on their teeth which are long fang like and slightly yellowed.. Their teeth are exposed and quite yellow. King Beri is riding on one that is as big as a gorilla. His baboon is leaning over many of them as he is laughing like a loon


You won’t escape
I’ll bring you back
You’ll work for me
Until your dead.

You can run
But you can’t hide
I’ll track you down
See you tied.

Nobody no one
Gets away

Nobody no one
Can Escape

Nobody No one
Excapes from me

That’s why my name

Is King Beri

I’m the King
There are my goons

If you think you’ll run
You’re a loon

If you think your fast
Then think again

We’ll hunt you down
Bring you in.

Nobody no one
Gets away

Nobody no one
Can Escape

Nobody No one
Excapes from me

That’s why my name
Is King Beri


RUPERT flies up to a large nest on the rock where a huge VULTURE is nesting. Next to several caves


This is a little high for you isn’t it raven?

RUPERT (puffing)

(looks around nervously) Yea you’re right I saw you while back and I am
here because I can use your help. I’ve got a friend down there who’s in trouble
``` and unless he gets some kind of help its gonna take a miracle for him to
get away from King Beri’s baboons.


I know they are a rough crowd.. Who’s your friend


Actually more than one Hannibal an elephant Theo a lion and Donkey Ollie
Do you think you can help them out.


We usually don’t get involved until the participants are dead but I Don’t see why we cant help you out . It’s time someone taught those baboons a lesson

He flaps his giant wings and looks down on Rupert.

At that moment Smoothfeather flies over.


If you guys are going to help out we’re going to need help fast. They are running out of time.

VULTURE (One by one other VULTURE appear on the rocks above him. They are dressed a little punk they have bald head and around their necks they are wearing bone necklaces.

You go tell your friends we’ll help them out. It will be our pleasure Right boys.

You can tell your friends
They don’t have to worry

You can tell your friends we see everything

Way up in the rocks
We look into the jungle

We hear lots of noise and a scream or too

Jungle life is tough
But we like to tumble
Jungle life is good
It’s where we get our food


An aerial view reveals the baboons over 10 of them bounding down towards Ollie and Leo who are running through the grass just barely keeping pace in front of the baboon army

King Berry is riding on the shoulders of a big gorilla in the middle of the pack


ON boys on. They are getting away.


The elephants are struggling with the large massive form of Hannibal in the tall grass who is moaning and obviously in pain.


Don’t worry uncle we are bringing you back to the river. A good mud bath
`should help your aching bones.


I can hear the baboons coming closer Let’s drag him off the path quickly

A Huge shadow of a VULTURE falls over her face and Rupert flies down next to them.


Vultures they must think we’re doomed


Don’t worry about the baboons. I recruited them. You know birds of a feather
Flock together.


VULTURES How did you get them?


Don’t you know?
Can’t you see
The birds in the air
The troops in the trees.

Can’t you hear
Will you believe?
The Heavenly father watches
For you and me.

Yes yes yes Birds of a feather

Always always always fly together

Yes yes yes yes yes

Not one will drop to the ground

Without his hand coming around

Our powerful wings like angels rule

Defend the weak and help the poor

And pluck from death’s sure grasp

Swift justice comes to pass

As Rupert continues his songs one by one VULTUREs scoop up the baboons dropping them into the deep ravines. King Beri on the largest one rushes up to Theo and Ollie and looks around for reinforcements and realizes he is alone.


Turn back you evil king your minions have met their fate and for you perhaps it is not to late
To make amends for the evil you have done to those whom you were created to protect.

(KING BERI jumps down from the gorilla who towers in back of him. And runs and strikes at Ollie with his septre. Ollie fends him off deftly avoiding the strike. The king falls into the dust. Two baboons attack Theo who swats them aside. Ruthy and Mumum face the other who are baring their teeth and rushing at defenseless Hannibal. One by one the baboons are plucked away by the vultures.

KING BERI (is scooped up by his hair by the Vulture leader.

One battle is not a war little fellow There will always be rulers like me oppressing the weak and enslaving those of your race. (He glances overhead as a huge VULTURE come for him. It swoops down grabs him by his bushy hair and removes him off the path dragging him into the air.
As he is flying away Rupert flies next to him. Each of the other vultures have got a struggling baboon in their grips.)


Goodbye Au viedersein
Sia nara chow adieu

So long my feathered friends
Take creature to the zoo

Put their leader in a cage
An example for them all
Of what can happen when someone
Is greedy and is cruel

When a human takes a fall.
Every body fails
When a human hurts another
We all lose

Goodbye au viedersein
Sia nara chow adie
So long my feathered friends
Take these creatures to a zoo.

On the ground OLLIE unites with Ruthy as the Song continues. They nuzzle with one another.


Ollie Ruthy Smoothfeather and Rupert stayed on a while while Hannibal healed up
They had a great time playing in the water and racing with the Zebras. Then one day Ollie announced it was time to go home.


Hannibal Theo Mumumu We’re going to be leaving today. It’s time to go back to Bethany.
Elizabeth and Jehu will start to get worried about us. We’ve all had a great time.


(Strokes Ollie with his trunk)

Well my friend you kept your word you came to visit and I dare say if you would have never come my bones might be sunning in the elephant graveyard. So thanks a million.


You inspire us all to do our best Ollie. We’ll go with you up to the river crossing. I’ll make sure the other lions leave you alone


I’ll go with you too Rupert and Smoothfeather can ride on my back.


I’d sure like to know what the vultures did with the baboons and King Beri.


Well Im sure they are paying for their crimes.


While the credits are rolling

King Beri and the baboons are chained carrying bags of salt. The Vulture is gnawing on a big bone and smiling.


Pick up the pace. Pick up the pace.

The camera pulls back to reveal a large sign over the former gates.


A stone Vulture statue rests on the top of each of the pillars.





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